Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well, it's been a while since I posted anything on here. From time to time I've thought about what this blog should be. Originally I thought I'd try to get some reviews and giveaways for baby products, especially cloth diapers. I thought I could blog about my experience with cloth diapers since it was a new thing for me.

Then DD was born and I got busy, oh so busy, and didn't have time for well, anything! Many days I felt like I was just running around the house responding to either one child's needs or the other's!

I also stumbled into elimination communication, which has been the best thing ever, and I have thought about talking about that on here, but I'm not sure it is necessary. Whilst the whole experience has been an amazing way to bond with my little girl and respond to her needs, and has altered my view of babies and just how much they are capable of, I'm not sure I should blog about it (although her astonished pediatrician thinks I should). But if you have any questions, I do love to talk about it!

Lately I have been discovering lots of great deals online, so that is what I am thinking this should be all about. Stay tuned!

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