Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tripp Trapp

DD needs a Stokke Tripp Trapp, I think. DS has one, and I would love to replace her Fisher Price rainforest high chair with another black Tripp Trapp that would blend seamlessly with our existing table and chairs.

This is the best deal I have found. I'd have to pay sales tax because there is a physical store in my state. Technically though, when you lodge your income tax return, you are meant to declare and pay sales tax on online purchases that you have not paid sales tax on.

http://www.rightstart.com/tripp-trapp-from-stokke-high-chair-black.html Tripp Trapps on sale for $199.99.

1. Create a registry and add the tripp trapp chair and one of these plates or something else for $6 http://www.rightstart.com/skip-hop-melamine-zoo-plate-owl.html
2. Add both items to your cart through the registry. This will ensure you get 10% merchandise credit on your $200+ purchase so in a few months time you should get a credit for $20.
3. Enter code BONUSCODE to take $5 off, bringing your purchase price after coupon to $200.98
4. Load Ebates and search for rightstart. Click to load rightstart. This will give you 3% cashback ($6)
5. Check out quickly so you don't miss out on your cash back from ebates.

All going well, you should get the tripp trapp and a plate for $215.55 after tax shipped, then get $6 cash back (plus a bonus $5 if you are new to ebates) which brings it to 209.55 (or 204.55), plus $20 merchandise credit

The lowest I've seen them go is $199.99 so this is a good deal because you get a plate and $20 store credit for just a few dollars more. It is a shame about the tax, although technically you are supposed to pay tax on all purchases. It would be an amazing price without the tax!


Well, it's been a while since I posted anything on here. From time to time I've thought about what this blog should be. Originally I thought I'd try to get some reviews and giveaways for baby products, especially cloth diapers. I thought I could blog about my experience with cloth diapers since it was a new thing for me.

Then DD was born and I got busy, oh so busy, and didn't have time for well, anything! Many days I felt like I was just running around the house responding to either one child's needs or the other's!

I also stumbled into elimination communication, which has been the best thing ever, and I have thought about talking about that on here, but I'm not sure it is necessary. Whilst the whole experience has been an amazing way to bond with my little girl and respond to her needs, and has altered my view of babies and just how much they are capable of, I'm not sure I should blog about it (although her astonished pediatrician thinks I should). But if you have any questions, I do love to talk about it!

Lately I have been discovering lots of great deals online, so that is what I am thinking this should be all about. Stay tuned!